Boatbuilding / Marine Industry

We are supplying all FRP raw materials to Sri Lanka's boatbuilding industry. We are also serving the boatbuilding industry in the neighboring countries. Our technically certified & high quality FRP raw materials are being used for over a decade in Sri Lanka to build small fishing boats and canoes to multi day trawlers and yachts.

We are now serving all the large & quality conscious boat yards in Sri Lanka, as they trust the proven quality of our raw materials. We have also managed to convince our customers about the suitability of our raw materials to their requirements by using our latest laboratory facilities. We supply Lloyd's approved, POLYMOR Marine Grade Resin (MXLR/2012/ATN) and Lloyd's approved POLYMOR Marine Gel Coat (MXLR/2012/IGC) meeting quality standards suitable for marine industry.

General Purpose Resins

Our specialty is the ability to customize and match the exact requirement of customers with our expertise in USP resin manufacturing. We have derived number of general purpose resins suitable for fiber glass furniture, partitions, fiber glass doors, fiber glass pipes, fiber glass fittings, fiber glass moulds, fiber glass concrete moulds, etc.

We are introducing latest technology and raw materials to the customers in designing new products, to increase productivity and profitability of their business.

Resins for Crystal Clear Casting

Morex clear resin (POLYMOR MX008AC) is the best quality clear resin for all type of clear castings.


Our USP button resin grade (POLYMOR MX010) is specially made for manufacturing buttons.

Marble Filling and Netting

We are catering to marble processing industry by supplying fiberglass raw materials as per their special requirements for filling & backing of imported marble.

Roofing Sheets

A special USP Resin (POLYMOR MX0021NA) for manufacturing fiberglass-roofing sheets. This can be supplied as UV stabilized or non-UV stabilized as per requirement & use

Also we are supplying all supplementary products for FRP Roofing industry such as Pigments, CSM Powder bound mats, polyester films etc.

Car Body Kit

Morex general-purpose resins are suitable for manufacturing car body kit. All the supplementary products are also available including Polyurethane forms ( Foam A and Foam B), Buffing pads, Polishing pads, molding compounds, polishing waxes etc.

Putty Resin

Morex putty resin is a widely used resin by Srl Lanka's car putty manufacturers and wood putty manufacturers.